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   Ike Prudente
   MATH Advocate
RE: The Only Way To Teach Your Child Math from Home!

Dear Parent,
I am writing you today because I know you love your kids and you want them to ace through every Math subject in school. I also know that deep down in your heart you wish that Math could be more fun, for you and for your kids.

Maybe, if There is a MATH Teacher in the House!

You could be that Math Teacher, and we will help you be exactly that! Simply fill in the form on the right to subscribe to our newsletter to learn how!

The parents are in a better position to understand their children’s learning style and better help them with their lessons than their teachers provided they have the confidence and the knowhow.

In fact, Math education should start in the home as early as possible, much earlier that school age. And the parent being the most influential person in a child’s life, is in the best position to help cultivate the child’s positive attitude towards Math.

This newsletter seeks to provide resources for parents to increase their knowledge in Math so that they will develop the confidence for their children. Specifically, we aim to show the parents

With these, we hope that “There is a Math Teacher in the House.”  Always!

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May God bless you always.
Ike Prudente
Math Advocate

What do Parents Say of MATH-Inic?

Brandon B. Fajardo, 7 years old. Math is easy!

"MATH-Inic is really helpful with Brandon’s Math subject in school. He keeps saying after their class, 'Ang dali ng pinag-aaralan namin sa Math!' That's why Math became his favorite subject."
- Ms. Janet Fajardo, mother of Brandon B. Fajardo, 7 years old.

Sydrene Yvonne, 7 years old. Math is fast!

"With MATH-Inic, nothing is impossible! It helps her to be more confident and smarter in her Math subject in school. Thank you MATH-Inic... for being our partner in developing Syd’s potential in Math!"
- Mrs. Margarita Vanessa T. Reyes, mother of Sydrene Yvonne, 7 years old.

Bianca Reese L. Urriquia, 7 years old. Math is fun!

"I am proud to say that she now loves Mathematics and it is very evident on her report card. The lessons are very systematic and mastery of techniques is made easy and fun."
- Ms. Rosalind Ivy,mother of Bianca Reese L. Urriquia, 7 years old.