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From The Desk Of
   Teacher Bing
   MATH-Inic Cotabato Center Director
RE: The Only Way To Teach Your Child Math from Home!

Dear Parent,

I am writing you today because I know you love your kids and you want them to ace through every Math subject in school. I also know that deep down in your heart you wish that Math could be more fun, for you and for your kids.

I know because I’m a parent and a teacher too. All of my 5 children are certified Math haters (and I am too, mana-mana lang?) They all have moved on to college now and one has already gotten a job and nothing has changed in the way they regard Math. I used to tutor them in Math, and believe me, it was no fun. It was a good thing I taught Preschool Math, that was the only time I had fun teaching it.

Imagine your kids computing for exact answers without using pen and paper, iPad, calculator or their fingers. Your kids will be whizzing through Math problems as they learn to do shortcuts.

The Answer is Here

Let me introduce to you Virgilio “Ike” Y. Prudente. He is the creator of Math-Inic, which he developed in order to make Math easy, fun and enjoyable. He was a scholar in Philippine Science High School where he honed his math skills. His classmate, former Economic planning secretary, Cielito Habito, says, “I had known Virgilio “Ike” Prudente to be a math whiz who seemed to think and breathe math. He was clearly very comfortable with numbers, and quickly became our math teacher’s pet for the math genius he truly was. I envied how he seemed to effortlessly breeze through math concepts and exercises that were a particular challenge for me. He would not only immediately catch on to new math concepts (oh how I dreaded those binary number operations we were made to do then!), but he actually looked like he was having fun!”

Ike is a civil engineer by training. He became a Certified Teacher of Vedic Mathematics (with distinction) after having trained under Kenneth Williams of the Vedic Maths Academy, UK. Because he is at heart a teacher, he founded Math-Inic to help children learn to enjoy math and not to live in fear of it for the rest of their lives.

Let me tell you about Math-Inic. It’s a program that is largely based on Left Brain Math, Right Brain Math and Mental Math. The left brain processes information in an analytical and sequential way and most Math subjects are taught in this way. (No wonder it seems so hard.) The right brain is visual and intuitive and looks at the whole picture before processing the details. Math taught utilizing the right brain uses graphic images and patterns. In this way, math becomes easier for young children to understand. Mental math requires getting exact answers without using pen and paper and other tools. This leads to various Math methods like Vedic Math.

Have you ever wished you could somehow find someone who can help you make Math easy, fun and enjoyable both for you and your kid? What if I tell you that’s what Ike can do? Ike is coming to town to conduct a seminar which he calls “There’s a Math Teacher in the House”. This seminar is intended for both parents and teachers. Participants in this seminar will learn Math short cuts that are fun and easy and will be encouraged to solve problems mentally without the aid of calculators. The seminar is guaranteed to turn math haters to math lovers.

Sir Ike Made me Grow
Fond of Math

Take it from Lea Capule, Mentor of the Year, Golden Laurel Awards, Col Lauro Dizon Memorial National High School. “I'll admit, Sir, isa po ako sa hindi fan ng math kasi mahirap po but since noong mga sessions natin naipakita ninyo po sa akin how amazing numbers are with the techniques you shared with us. Tuwang tuwa po ako tuwing marerealize ko na ganoon lang pala kasimple ang operations kahit ilang digits pa ang involved basta guided ng magic techniques ninyo. At saka nakakatuwa rin po yung zest na pinapakita ninyo habang tinuturuan ninyo kami...super enjoy po talaga sa mga sessions na iyon.”

A Sound Investment

I send LPLC staff to out of town seminars whenever an opportunity comes and these cost 4 digit sums. But this "There’s a Math Teacher in the House" seminar that came to us in Cotabato City, to our very own Lord of Peace Learning Center. (No seminar like this one has ever been held in Cotabato City and in its neighboring areas.) This package includes Ike’s book “25 Math Shortcuts” and a workbook!

From The Desk Of
   Ike Prudente
   MATH Advocate

Why do we want you to be a
Math Teacher in Your House?

We're totally bent on making you learn how to be a Math Teacher in your home. Because we want you and your child to learn how to appreciate and love math. Here's the truth: Whatever you'll invest in our books, seminars, classes and online courses, we know you'll easily earn "many times over" when you immediately apply what you learn into helping your child appreciate math and learn it in an enjoyable way – perhaps you may even hear your child sing while solving math problems.

  May God bless you always.


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